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powder brow styling pencil

amp up your brows



Check to see if you need to tweeze strays or scissor trim brows. If so, use Form-A-Brow® Stencil as a guide to color in the brow shape. Then tweeze only the hairs outside the colored area. It’s good to use the Brow Twirler 602 Brush daily to brush up brow hairs and keep them healthy.


Define your brow shape

A classic, symmetrical brow shape is easy to map out and lifts your face with perfect arches. Follow these steps to map your shape.
1. To find where brow begins use your Powder Brow Styling Pencil to place a dot directly above the tear duct.
2. To fine the brow arch, align the pencil from the nostril to the outer edge of the iris and place a dot.
3. To find the end of the brow, place pencil from the nostril to the outer eye and mark with a dot.
4. To create the lower front section, angle pencil from the tear duct to the opposite lower brow arch and draw a straight angled line. Then make a line parallel to that on the top brow section.
5. Place pencil horizontally across the top of the brow arches to make sure they are the same height.


Color & Shape Brows

Brush brow hairs up with spoolie tip. Define and color brows with pencil following your shape map. For sparse areas, use pencil tip to mimic hair like texture and fullness. Build brow color and opacity as you like for a bolder look. Blend in color and groom brow shape with spoolie. For ideal definition, keep point sharpened.


Set & Highlight

Set your shape and color for super long lasting, budge proof brows using Clear Brow Fix X. For added brow color or highlighting effects, select tinted Golden Brown Brow Fix X. Accent your fab brow arches with the matte or glow tip of Light Tricks Highlight Duo along the lower brow line and above the arch. Brighten eyes and make them pop with the glowing creamy tip of Light Tricks Highlight Duo.